Bid Online FTP – Download Function


Installing the FTP Program:


-         Double click on the setup.exe icon (blue icon).

-         Follow the instructions on screen.


Selecting jobs /sections, plans and specs to FTP:


-         Once in Bid Documents on any particular job, click on “Click here to receive sections via BidOnline FTP”.

-         Once in FTP Download Utility follow instruction to select required plan sheets and sections.

-         After clicking the “create” button right down the identifier # and job name for future retrieval.

-         Click the back button on your browser to go back to the BidOnline page.

-         Follow the same procedure for downloading as many jobs as needed.

-         Selection is now done.



Opening FTP downloading program:


-         Click on the “Start” button on the bottom left of your screen.

-         Move mouse to “Programs”.

-         Move mouse to “Bid Online FTP”.

-         Click on “IIFTP”.


Downloading and retrieving plans, specs and addenda:


-         Type in your Bid Online User ID (always a Number).

-         Click on “Logon”.

-         A directory of the identifier #’s will then appear.

-         Click on the identifier # you wish to extract and Click “Load”.

-         The name of the job and your section selection will then be displayed.

-         After verifying that the selection is correct click “Download”.

-         Step #1 – Choose your location to download the file.

-         Step #2 – Type in a directory name. (i.e. The job name)

-         Click “OK”.

-         Wait until bar reads “Command Successful”.

-         You may now go and open the .svd at the directory you chose.

Deleting the selected jobs from ftp:


-         After you have successfully completed the above steps, you may now delete the jobs from the FTP server.

-         To delete, all you need to do is highlight the job identifier and click on “Delete profile”

-         A window will ask if you are sure you want to delete, select yes.

-         You will see “Transfer complete” in the IIFTP window when completed.

-         To end your session click on the “Logoff” button the exit the window.




·        Hint:  While transfer is in progress you may do other things on your computer. Just move the box out of the way.

·        Remember that this program is in testing; please take notes on how we can make this service better.

·        Also you may do as many FTP transfers as needed, then later go back and transfer them to your drive.

·        Remember to always click on the .svd file in the directory you saved the job in to open documents.